Michael Murphy On The Vinny Eastwood Show with Will Ryan

Michael Murphy

Journalist and filmmaker, Michael Murphy who made the excellent new documentary, with Paul Wittenberger and G. Edward Griffin, titled What In The World Are They Spraying? was a guest on the New Zealand-based Vinny Eastwood show in the first hour, on January the 3rd, 2011.

It was a good interview. Michael, who is passionate about the issue, covered a lot of ground. Plus, Vinny Eastwood and Will Ryan asked insightful questions and made some good points.

A big thumbs up and a thank-you to the Vinny Eastwood Show, and their producer Mitch Santell, for having Michael Murphy on, and delving into the complicated topic of geo-engineering/ chemtrails.

This show is broadcast via American Freedom Radio and Rush 89 FM, (Waikato/Hamilton, NZ).  Refer: http://www.facebook.com/Rush89FM

To listen to the 2-hour show, which has been archived, please link here: http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/2011-vinny-eastwood-show-radio-archi…


What In The World Are They Spraying? By Michael J. Murphy

Join The Coalition Against Geo-engineering: http://www.coalitionagainstgeoengineering.org/

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Climate Change, Let the Weather Wars Begin!!! December 2010



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Using Cloud-Seeding GeoEngineering to Solve Global Warming

This clip from the “Five Ways to Save the World” details a cheap, simple, and low-risk way to compensate for global warming.

If the reflectivity of clouds could be increased slightly, sufficient sunlight would be reflected to compensate for any future release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

One method of doing this would be to eject seawater spray into the air using a fleet of automated ships. It’s estimated that 50 ships costing a few million dollars each could spray enough seawater to do the job. 

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WORLD CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS DAY – January the 22nd, 2011 ===============================✈

This world-wide action is being organised via Facebook:

Come up with ideas to wake people up in your region, like using a sheet with a message about chemtrails on it and hanging it in a obvious place in the CBD, or getting on talkback radio and raising the issue of the geoengineering that is going on in your area.

Post any ideas you have that you think may be effective.

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Interview & Documents Regarding Weather Modification Technology

Thanks to Andrew Bridgman of California Skywatch for the links to this 4 part video at YouTube, from patriotspace’s channel.  Mike of patriotspace interviewed his friend Virginia Silcox, who is a Training Specialist with the US Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration.  She provides an in depth look into Airforce Budget documents, which are available to download at a link at YouTube. They talk about chemtrails, what they are used for, HAARP, weather modification technology, and more.

You will find a link to download the documents, 19 files in total, at YouTube under the video. (You need Windows rar to unpack it. You can get a free trial copy at Cnet).

To see parts 2-4 click on: Continue reading

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Evidence of Geoengineering Over China

A Chinese man, who now lives in Wellington, New Zealand,  sent photos he found that show chemtrails over China and today he wrote:  I found another photo showing evidence of chemtrail patterns in Beijing, China. Notice the long curved lines [in the cloud matter]  on the right and left of “Beijing’s Heaven Temple.”  Also note the white dust clouds over the temple. This temple is located in the centre of Beijing.  It is a very popular tourist attraction.   This is the screen shot from the “Life” magazine from my iPad:

In regard to the two pictures below, he wrote: “I just verified the source of the photos which shows the chemtrials sky background, is done by “Photography Renwa,” here is the link to this photographer: http://www.xmrenwa.com/. They specialize in photography for newly marriage couples. The photographer’s name is 林梁( Lin Liang.”

“This photographer is based in Xiamen, a modern city on the coast of south-east China, on the west side of the Taiwan strait, very close distance to Taiwan island.”

“So, now you know, these photos had a very high chance of being shot in Xiamen, China: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiamen

Possibly related:


Russian Scholar Warns Of ‘Secret’ U.S. Climate Change Weapon

Russia has worst drought on record-Russia bans grain exports, world wheat prices soar

Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population

China drought leaves millions short of water, (March 2010) http://www.physorg.com/news188032826.html

“End the electrical intervention end the Western
drought. It truly is that simple.” – Scott Stevens  http://weatherwars.info/

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Drones May Be High Desert’s Aviation Rebirth FAA Asked to Loosen Rules for Military Area Test Flights

By Barney Lerten, KTVZ.COM

BEND, Ore. — Central Oregon’s once high-flying aviation industry, hit hard by the Great Recession, could soar once more, if a proposal flies that would allow unmanned aerial systems – known to many as “drone” planes – to be test-flown over a large swath of desert southeast of Bend.An aide to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said Tuesday their office is sending to the Federal Aviation Administration a proposal from Economic Development for Central Oregon’s aviation recruitment committee.“To assure that all the implications of this proposal are fully explored, we ask that you take the steps necessary to provide relevant feedback to the Central Oregon Aviation Recruitment Committee on the possibility of a UAS testing range in Oregon,” the senator’s office told the FAA.Central Oregonians involved in the effort are proposing that legislation be drafted to allow such flight testing at times when the military is not making use of the Juniper Military Operations Area, or MOA, within an hour’s drive of Bend, and similar areas in the West.At a meeting last week with congressional aides, leaders of the Central Oregon UAS proposal were urged to seek local support before the next session of Congress can take up the issue. As a result, Bend city councilors are being asked to sign a letter of support for the drone aircraft testing at their Wednesday night meeting.According to background provided to Wyden, fellow Sen. Jeff Merkley and Rep. Greg Walden, unmanned aerial systems, known as UAS, have become a key tool to find and destroy terror groups and in other battle action, but also have numerous potential peacetime uses, from border patrol to wildlife management, weather monitoring and patrolling fires or pipelines, as well as border patrols or drug interdiction.More than a third of all planes ordered by the Air Force next year will be UAS, which are being developed in sizes ranging from insects to airliners. In fact, there are predictions that drones will replace nearly every manned plane by mid-century.The demand for such planes also is helping the struggling aerospace industry, and is the only segment expected to grow significantly in the next few years.But research and development work has been restricted by FAA rules that sharply limit where they can be flown, primarily in so-called “restricted airspace.” And that’s meant wait times of six months or longer for testing.“I think we’re trying to set the stage” for what could bring UAS manufacturers to Bend to test such aircraft, Collins Hemingway of Bend, leading the region’s aviation recruitment effort, said Tuesday.“Central Oregon is a great place to test, and after testing, Central Oregon is a great place to assemble and manufacture” the planes, he said.“For our aviation experience here, it’s a nice segue into another sector that has even more potential than general aviation,” the focus that brought Lancair, later Columbia and then Cessna, to Bend, as well as Epic Air, both of which hit turbulent times and are now closed.Military planes such as the Oregon Air National Guard use the large stretch of remote desert for training flights. “They have first call on it – we’re just asking (to test there) when they are not using it.”“It’s well-marked on all the aviation maps, has been for 50 years,” said Hemingway, a pilot like other members of the recruitment committee. “Pilots are used to going around it.”“Roughly 80 percent is public land, it’s rural, it’s remote, unpopulated – what better place to test drones?” he said.Insitu, a Boeing subsidiary and UAS manufacturer, uses a former Navy bombing range at Boardman in northeast Oregon for such tests, but it’s “booked up all the time,” Hemingway said.Hemingway said despite the closure of Cessna and Epic Air, there are still numerous Central Oregonians with expertise in composites and aviation, and others who left but would be glad to get a chance to return, should the opportunity present itself.


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