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Using Cloud-Seeding GeoEngineering to Solve Global Warming

This clip from the “Five Ways to Save the World” details a cheap, simple, and low-risk way to compensate for global warming. If the reflectivity of clouds could be increased slightly, sufficient sunlight would be reflected to compensate for any … Continue reading

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WORLD CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS DAY – January the 22nd, 2011 ===============================✈

This world-wide action is being organised via Facebook:!/ Come up with ideas to wake people up in your region, like using a sheet with a message about chemtrails on it and hanging it in a obvious place in the … Continue reading

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Interview & Documents Regarding Weather Modification Technology

Thanks to Andrew Bridgman of California Skywatch for the links to this 4 part video at YouTube, from patriotspace’s channel.  Mike of patriotspace interviewed his friend Virginia Silcox, who is a Training Specialist with the US Department of Energy and … Continue reading

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Evidence of Geoengineering Over China

A Chinese man, who now lives in Wellington, New Zealand,  sent photos he found that show chemtrails over China and today he wrote:  I found another photo showing evidence of chemtrail patterns in Beijing, China. Notice the long curved lines … Continue reading

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Drones May Be High Desert’s Aviation Rebirth FAA Asked to Loosen Rules for Military Area Test Flights

By Barney Lerten, KTVZ.COM BEND, Ore. — Central Oregon’s once high-flying aviation industry, hit hard by the Great Recession, could soar once more, if a proposal flies that would allow unmanned aerial systems – known to many as “drone” planes … Continue reading

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URGENT GEO-ENGINEERING ACTION ALERT: Radio host attempts to discredit Michael Murphy/truths about damaging effects of chemtrail/geo-engineeering programs‏

This came today from Michael Murphy via e-mail. Please send this to your e-mail list.  This is an urgent call to action!!!!!  Since the release of “What in the World are They Spraying?” many around the world have woken up to the … Continue reading

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UN Climate Concern Morphs into Geo-engineering Glee Club

ThePeoplesVoice.Org December 6th, 2010 By Rady Ananda In Cancun, Mexico, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is under pressure to overturn the UN ban on chemtrails. This would dissolve an agreement reached in October at the UN Convention … Continue reading

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