Evidence of Geoengineering Over China

A Chinese man, who now lives in Wellington, New Zealand,  sent photos he found that show chemtrails over China and today he wrote:  I found another photo showing evidence of chemtrail patterns in Beijing, China. Notice the long curved lines [in the cloud matter]  on the right and left of “Beijing’s Heaven Temple.”  Also note the white dust clouds over the temple. This temple is located in the centre of Beijing.  It is a very popular tourist attraction.   This is the screen shot from the “Life” magazine from my iPad:

In regard to the two pictures below, he wrote: “I just verified the source of the photos which shows the chemtrials sky background, is done by “Photography Renwa,” here is the link to this photographer: http://www.xmrenwa.com/. They specialize in photography for newly marriage couples. The photographer’s name is 林梁( Lin Liang.”

“This photographer is based in Xiamen, a modern city on the coast of south-east China, on the west side of the Taiwan strait, very close distance to Taiwan island.”

“So, now you know, these photos had a very high chance of being shot in Xiamen, China: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiamen

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China drought leaves millions short of water, (March 2010) http://www.physorg.com/news188032826.html

“End the electrical intervention end the Western
drought. It truly is that simple.” – Scott Stevens  http://weatherwars.info/

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