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Interview & Documents Regarding Weather Modification Technology

Thanks to Andrew Bridgman of California Skywatch for the links to this 4 part video at YouTube, from patriotspace’s channel.  Mike of patriotspace interviewed his friend Virginia Silcox, who is a Training Specialist with the US Department of Energy and … Continue reading

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Evidence of Geoengineering Over China

A Chinese man, who now lives in Wellington, New Zealand,  sent photos he found that show chemtrails over China and today he wrote:  I found another photo showing evidence of chemtrail patterns in Beijing, China. Notice the long curved lines … Continue reading

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Weather Manipulation Tool Kit From Eastlund Science GRAVITATIONAL WAVES DEMONSTRATED AS CLOUDS As wind blows air over a mountain or other obstacle air is forced upwards and gravity forces it back down. This generates a wave in the atmosphere called a “gravity” wave. The wave amplitude … Continue reading

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